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Sonshinning moment

I would like to add a moment for today when the Lord looked down and smiled upon my space and I sweetly hear His voice in the soft wind , even tho cold,  and it was flowing across the road and the trees and even the grass shone with the glistening afterglow of the rain from yesterdays clouds.  See,  He says there is always another day and always another sign, I am the same yesterday, today, and forever but my ways to talk to you and let you know of the assurance that I am still here and I am still in control may be quite different.   So, for this day there is sunshine I give to you and tomorrow there may be rain for you; but I know more what my child needs than you can, so do not fret, but enjoy whatever comes and know that I have sent it:  and you will rest in the true Sabbath Rest that will guide you through this world into the everlasting –speak to me before the winds and rains come (while you can hear without the distraction of fear or dismay your own heart will try to decieve you with) and then you will know that I am watching for surely to- day, tomorrow or perhaps the day after, you will look back  know for a certainty that , hmm,”Yes!  God was smiling on me that day: and I did not fal, and I did not die, and because of the sharing of that ever present Spirit;  He so generously shares with me, I did not give up.  Ahhh:  I see now Lord that your thoughts are surely devine; and above mine.   Another Sonshinng Moment

feel free to share one of your sonkissed momentsts with me or comment on mine I would love to hear from you   God Ble:ss  Triva