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My Calling Is Sure

my calling is sure

January 23, 2014 by  | Leave a comment

There was once upon a time when I did not know,  or know how, to give in to my calling.  Each person has deposited in them this yearning desire to be used: and feel the   worth of the living here on this earth.  Some brought in confusion to my life by declaring that surely my singing was anointed and a special gift of God.  Some declared that I would be on stages before thousands.  They just knew that I was “called” to sing.  Somehow, this never agreed with my desires nor leading of the Lord, even tho, yes, the Lord has given me a gift for singing, and yes at times I can sing and be taken completely away from the present environment and into a presence  of the Lord that totally obscures this world,  and  transcends me, and those listening,  into a divine atmosphere where nothing  else matters but His love for us:  and we are, for the moments at least, removed from all soulish worship and brought to true deliverance for  pureness and holiness, to give Him our all.

But it was totally revealed to me from the Holy Spirit, as I was in prayer one day, that my calling was to be a prayer warrior.   For you see, it was that “One Thing”;  that I had been devoted to since the beginning of my journey with our Savior.  It was an “unction” thing, that I would run to no matter what the demands of this world.  It was like a second person deposited in me  (i.e. the HolySspirit) that  would take over and pray and begin to reveal things, some not to be shared, but some to bring deliverance in situations to others.   How do I know this.   Well, it is now, like a  knowing what this is and letting go and accepting this calling.  Now this was not just something I dreamed up   This was given to me at a time when I was ready to give up on praying for some people and situations.  You see, it can be-(if you don’t know) sometimes,  a very exhausting and agonizing calling to stand in that gap for others.  I mean really;  you feel their pain, and  sometimes, even your own body may take on the actual physical or emotional pain of the ones you are interceding for.  Of course this soon leaves and you are back to your normal self, but for those moments when you are fighting a battle for others you must completely be in empathy (not just sympathy)  for them.  You must truly be brought to the feeling of God’s love for them to pray in truth and understanding.  So now,  I am saying all this– to share the poem below that the Holy Spirit wrote  by my hand one day when I was ready to quit, and suddenly, the power and compassion of the Lord took hold of my own hand:  and He  wrote this to me.   It was, so to speak, one of my Son kissed moments  —


The Prayer Warrior

Called into service, oh so long ago

Called to fight a battle,

Most will never know


Weary worn and lonely

No glory shall be mine

Only God knows the agony

Of being on this front line


A line drawn through the ages

Where many a warrior died

No one knowing the sorrow

And the tears a warrior  cried


But these tears are held in a bottle

One day to be poured upon earth

And the prayer warrior will see his reward

Of  many a sinners new birth


I will see the defeated demons

I battled while on my knees

The chains for  many broken

That only intercession frees

Copyright @2006   Triva L. Lyle

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